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Revit & BIM

We embrace technology and building information modeling (BIM) software.  It helps us to be more:

– Efficient
– Creative
– Innovative
– Productive
– Hands on


CM Associates Engineers uses the Autodesk Architecture Engineering & Construction Collection software to support our architectural partners and develop higher quality and more intelligent 3-D model designs.  We have held multiple software licenses of Autodesk Revit since 2008 and we have been steadily enhancing our expertise with the software package.  Our staff has been trained on the latest versions of Autodesk Revit by an Autodesk Certified Trainer, and all of our design and drafting workstations are running the latest software packages.  We also have experience working with point clouds from existing building construction to optimize the development of the existing systems within the building model.  Utilizing work sets sharing within Revit allows multiple members of our staff to collaborate in the same system model at the same time and optimizes our ability to meet the project deadlines.


By using BIM software we are able to communicate our design intent and collaborate with the project design and construction teams more effectively.  BIM software generates an intelligent 3-D model that can be manipulated during the design process to instantly coordinate with other disciplines and generate stunning 3-D images and construction documents.  This software also enables our clients and owners to visualize what the finished product will look like before construction is even started.


Let us use Autodesk Revit to create high quality mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection documents for your next project.

Energy Assessment & Energy Modeling

CM Associates Engineers performs energy assessments and energy modeling to find an efficient, cost effective, and environmentally responsible solution for existing buildings.  Our assessments follow guidelines set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). Our engineers, led by a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), use computer-simulated energy modeling to estimate energy savings and perform carbon footprint analysis.  After the energy assessment is complete, we can use our expertise as design engineers to help the building owner implement the recommended energy conservation measures.

Mechanical Design

CM Associates Engineers specializes in commercial and industrial mechanical system designs that are integral to the building systems and process functions.  The mechanical system in any building or process requires accurate coordination with other disciplines to achieve a successful project.  Our experience in building information modeling (BIM), building energy modeling and commissioning gives us a unique perspective to select the best  mechanical system that meets our clients expectations and construction budgets.  Our design professionals work well in a traditional design team and our principal engineers excel in mechanical prime design opportunities.

Electrical Design

Electrical systems are a unique piece of building design.  They are essential to each project and help enhance all other disciplines.  Electrical design is also an integral part of the functionality of a building, as it touches everything from lighting architectural elements to providing power to equipment.  The electrical system in all buildings requires precise coordination with other trades and disciplines. The CM team takes great pride in this coordination.  CM provides detailed drawings that include power design, lighting design, and special systems design.  We also specialize in building information modeling (BIM) coordination, electrical utility coordination, dual power source design, and arc flash/coordination studies.

Full MEP Engineering Services

CM Associates Engineers is a full service consulting engineering firm that provides in-depth design for the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) aspects of any type of commercial project.  From green build projects to small renovations, CM is equipped to provide design services that are tailored to your needs.  We are not only experts in MEP consulting but can also provide consulting and design services for Fire Protection, Energy Modeling and Commissioning.  All of these services will be fully designed and coordinated in house to provide the best product for our clients!

Our in house MEP services include:
Adams MEP Services

Adams MEP Services

Adams MEP Services

Our in house MEP engineers will help ensure your project provides a long term value with equipment that will maximize performance, can conserve energy, all while minimizing owner cost and meeting code requirements.  Our firm will work with your team from the early stages of design and assist you throughout the entire project.  We want to be a partner with your team to make a successful project.  We are here to make a difference in our industry and in our community!

Plumbing Design

Plumbing Design is a necessity in every project, and we make plumbing system designs look good!  We design the waste, water, drainage, rainwater, and gas systems to meet each building’s individual demands.  We understand water conservation and utilization aspects of small to large buildings.  We have experience with specialized plumbing systems including acid neutralization, medical gases, industrial gas, high-rise plumbing, and wastewater lift stations.  We have the experience and knowledge to meet any project’s requirements, from a small bathroom remodel to a large high-rise, multiuse building.

Fire Protection Design

Safety is of the upmost importance.  Our expertise in fire suppression, fire detection, and smoke control systems keeps people and property safe.  Our designs reflect the intricate requirements of the International Fire Code (IFC), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC), and Air Force Engineering Technical Letters (ETL’s).  We have experience designing, reviewing, and commissioning many types of fire suppression and fire alarm systems.  With a licensed Fire Protection Engineer on staff, CM Associates Engineering is well known for client satisfaction.


Commissioning is a quality-oriented process for verifying that a building’s systems operate according to the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR).  CM Associates Engineers is a commissioning agency, and our Commissioning Authorities (CxA‘s) are certified by the AABC Commissioning Group to provide an unbiased perspective of the building systems’ installation and operation.  We have experience commissioning all building systems including HVAC, electrical, fire suppression, fire alarm, special systems, and building envelope.  The success of our commissioning program has been proven.  Our firm is trusted and highly acclaimed for our commissioning work.